Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Family Photo

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Mary Christmas

                                                 We witch you a Mary Christmas 

Friday, December 3, 2010


 Party sunset over Cambray

Cambray Plantation

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wind Turbine

  Here is a wind Turbine that I made out of PCV pipe
 I have to hock up the wars to it
then to a battery
Here is another one that I made out of
a weed eater and PCV pipe

Monday, August 23, 2010

The air plane crash

The air plane crash

When I was about nine or ten years old living at the funeral home me and mom was hanging up some close out on the close line my sister was out there with us we all herd a air plane we all looked up and all of a sudden the air plane blowup right over the funeral home we got scared and then it looked like little pleases of ten foil falling from the sky we run back in to the house about that dad had ran out and looked up about a mile from the funeral home the plane had gone down there was loud expend dad jumped in one Ambulance and took off then Jim and Lundy jumped in dad’s other Ambulance and they took off the phone was ringing off the wall as they would say dad was on his two way radio calling back in to the funeral home and telling them to get on the phone to the sheriff office and tell them what had happen and get them down here everyone in De Barry was calling in to the funeral home to find out what was going on dad had arrived on the scene the plane had come down right between too houses it tore the houses up the pilot had tried to go in to the lake with the plane dad’s radio was hot with traffic dad needed help a lot of help it was like a mad house people was hurt every ware dad would load up someone in the Ambulance and taking off to the hospital in Sanford back and forth to the hospital they would go they found one lady with her leg was cut off then they found the pilot in a tree with a parasite they had to clamed tree and cut him down there wore skin diver in the lake looking for body’s by this time the F AA have arrived on the seen the sheriff office had arrived on the scene to help with traffic there was all kinds of people going by to take a look to see whets going on the sheriff offices had to block off the road down by the scene in the mean time back at the funeral home people wore stopping by and dropping off places of the air plane that they had found after the F AA gat though investigating the crash site people from came by the funeral home and post a man there to picked the places of the plane up that the people would dropped off they wanted to get all of the places of the plane back that they could and for a long time dad had found a place of the plane that he didn’t turn in to the F AA

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Liven in a funeral home

Liven in the funeral home

My dad was an undertaker and worked for Allen Summer hell funeral home in De land Fl. We lived in a house on Alabama Av. I was about five years old I went to the Boston Av Elementary School we didn’t live there vary long then we moved to Orange city in to a funeral home that was owned by Allen Summer hell it was a big two story funeral home we lived on the top floor down stars was a chapel they didn’t use it much maybe once or twice when lived there we lived there for about three years we went to Orange city Elementary School I went from the frost though the thread grades we walked to School. Then we moved again this time to De Bary  Fl. Oliy five males from Orange city Dad had bought the funeral home from Allen Summer hell this one had a small two bed room in one side of the funeral home so we moved in during the summer my dad also ran a ambulance service out of the funeral home he started out with one ambulance then after a few years he then bought two dodge station wagons he turn them in to ambulances he had them going twenty four seven he and about two others ambulance service in the county he would respond to all kind of calls from vehicles accidents to helping someone in and out of bed he would take use to school in the ambulance we thought that so neat the other kids would ask us who got hurt we would say no one that is jest my dad I went to enterprise Elementary school until the six grade my two brother three or four grads ahead of me wail living at the funeral home we had to play rail quiet when dad had a funeral service going on in the chapel because it was next to our living room dad would have to come in from the chapel and teal us kids to be quiet that they could us in the chapel we lived at the funeral home until I was about eleven years old then dad had bought a house out by a lake a three bed room two bath we lived there for about six years I quit school in the tenth grade I couldn’t take the kids making fun of me so dad told me that I could come to work for him I was about sixteen years old and I wanted to get my driver’s License so study the hand book sense I could not read very good when they took me up to the driver’s License office the they had a tape for me to lasing to I took the test took my test up to the officer he came back he sad that I past I went to sine my name and he seen me sake when I wrote my name he said that he couldn’t give me my License’s to me he sad that a Dr. had to sing a paper be for I could get my License’s so we took the paper to the family Dr. One of the questions On the paper it said would fill safe driven with this person and the Dr. put in BIG letters HELL YES we took the paper back up to the driver License’s office gave it to the officer and I get my License’s my job at the funeral home was from washing cars be for funerals to taking death certificates To the Dr. Office to get the Dr. to sing them I some time I went to get a body from the morgue at the hospitals and some time we went to the house to get a body we had one man that worked with us his name was Jim Hogan and dad called him goat because he would make a sound like a goat when he would get scared dad was all ways scaring him like in the casket show room at night Jim’s job was to turn the lights out in the show room so Jim would go to turn the lights out the light swatch was right above the casket Jim reached up to turn the lights off and dad was laying in the casket dad reach up and grab Jim's arm Jim let out a scream and took off out the door pore old Jim dad had to go catch him dad thought that was so funny another time Jim had to turn the lights out in the chapel we had a body laid out in the chapel Jim reached over the casket to turn the light off about that time dad was in the room behind the casket and dad said what about me and Jim yelled and went through the door I mean he went through the door he broke it off the frame dad love to play jokes on him the ambulance service was going strong then and dad went and bought two now dodge vans and turn them into ambulances he kept the two dodge stanchion wagons he had two ambulances going twenty four hours a day seven days a week now this was way be for (911) was ever thought of dad was all so the DeBaryfire chafe of the DeBaryvoluntary fire dept. he had a lot going on the fire dept. would have a oyster roast we would have it at our home out by the lake ever one would come kids and grownups dad would bring the oysters home that after noon we would get the fire going put some teen on top on some bricks and put the oysters on the teen to roast them another time the fire dept had a cook out down by the high banks Marinna me and my dad would go get the fire stored we dug hole in the ground we got the fire going took some blocks on both sides of the hole and laid a great on the blocks and then we laid a hog on top and we cooked it all night long until the next day until twelve o clock then everyone came and we all ate some food had a good time I remember one time the fire dept. had a practice drill so that if had a real emergency we would know what to do so we had lot of people to be victims I happen to be one of the victims they placed all of the victims all over town and they put me in a old bill din and told me to lay down on the floor and water for the ambulance to come and get me so I laded there for about treaty men tens and then I could hear the saran the ambulance came and rescued me from the burning bill den they took me the fire dept. that was the hospital took me in said they had cots set up for the victims and my mom was one of the nurses someone else was the Dr. they came over to take of me like putting glaze around my head and my arms I was a burn victim so every time mom raped me up the Dr. would come around with some lip stick and right on the glaze burn victim that was they had about fifty victims in all that a lot of fun I remember one time dad had to take my cousin up to Ganes ville for some tests he couldn’t walk so dad took him in the hearse and on the way back they stop at a McDonalds’ for a cup of coffee so dad pulled up to the drive though and order three cups of coffee he pulled up to the window to pay for the coffee he cave the women the many the women Onleyseen two people she asked about the other cup of coffee dad sad Jest it to the man in the back about that time my cousin stock his hand though the window and the women through the cop of coffee every ware and dad, my cousin, and the other man that was in front with dad wore all leafing they thought that was so funny Dad was all was pulling things like that for intones there was a restraint down the road from the funeral home that he went to for lunch and for a cup of coffee dad would go in and order a cup of coffee dad didn’t have any filling his index finger so when the waitress came back with his cup of coffee he would stick his finger in the cup of coffee and tell the waitress that the coffee was cold he wanted some hot coffee this cup is cold if you don’t be live be stick your finger in it so she would stick her finger in the coffee she would get burnt and he would light he thought that was funny he lake to go in there when a new waitress was working he order some lunch and then after he get though with lunch she would bring him the bill he would get up and walk out the door without paying the waitress would chase him out the door to get the money he would get in the car and live in the mean time dad had all ready for his lunch he snuck back in the kitchen and pay the owner for his lunch when she wasn’t looking he thought that was so funny dad didn’t have his ambulances service any moor the state came out with this law that you had to have a E M T on every ambulances so dad got of the ambulances service the county had open up a ambulance service out of Deland my brother David went to work for them for a wail I had join the Debary fire dept. It was fun knowing that I was helping out with fighting fires mainly brush fires I remember one of the brush fires that we went on out in Enter pries it had gotten so big that we had to call in three or four other fire Dept. To come help out any way my dad and someone else was on the brush truck so dad was on the front of the brush truck with the fire hose wail the other man was driving through the fire there was flames going up over the brush truck but they kept going fighting the fire they wasn’t going to give up the man that was driving the brush truck told dad they couldn’t go though there but dad sad lets go they was going though the fire dad got burnt on his face and arms they put me on the mop up detail that is where you go behind the brush truck with it looks like a mop with a rubber mat on it you go around the outer edges making shore that the fire is out they finely got the fire out

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Garden

This is my wife's egg plant
and here is her pepper plants
and tomatoes plants

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Writing a Book about Cambray Plantation

I am writing a book about Cambray Plantation
of all the story's that I had hard growing up and
me as a kid so bar with me don't know when it's
going to be done I'm going to do it I can and will
do it

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ghost of Cambray

This is a story about a Ghost named Bob that haunts the grounds of Chambray Plantation, and it all began in the 1920s. Everyone got ready for bed, and after they were all asleep for an hour, Henry the care taker was awaken by the sound of a tree branch banging against the roof for the wind was starting to pick up. There was a storm coming, so he got up and opened the bedroom door, then he started down the hall to see if he could see anything, as he went down the hallway the banging was getting louder and louder. As he reached the head of the stairs he could hear some people talking. It sounded like they were in the kitchen down stairs so he eased back down the hallway. He began check the other bedroom’s to see if it was the other people that lived there, room by room but everyone was asleep. So he eased back down the hallway. He got to the head of the stairs he eased slowly until he got to the bottom. As he crepe near the kitchen he stepped on a squeaky part of the floor he reached for a match for his lantern as he struck the match. A cold wind blew out the match as he reached for another match he heard a force say” hello“. He said who goes there? So Henry got scared he went back up stairs to bed. The very next morning he told his brother Leroy what had happened that night. His brother Leroy did not be living him Leroy said that Henry was sleep walking again. Henry said no it really happened I was awake the whole time. Henry’s brother said OK. Tonight I’ll stay up with you to see if anything happens. So that night Henry and Leroy snuck out of their bedroom’s they met in the hallway by the stairs. As it got later both of them eased down the stairs trying not to make any noise as they went down the stairs. They got to the bottom and went towards the kitchen. They both were getting sleepy Leroy sad to Henry that nothing was going to happen. About that time they both heard a noise, and then out of nowhere a verger appeared it was sitting in the chair at the end of the table Leroy and Henry both said to one another do you see that? They both said yes they do. About then the verger stood up and said hello” my name is Bob! Henry and Leroy said hello” then they said who are you and what are you doing here? The Ghost replied well I once lived here in the 1800s, I built this house, I Often stop by to see the old house. Then Bob the Ghost asked them what was their names were? One of the boys said I am Henry and my brother Leroy, the Ghost told them to sit down. They said OK the Ghost said you boys can just call me Bob, then Bob said to the boys can I get you anything? Henry and Leroy said no thank you. Bob said that he was waiting for his family. To get here we all gathered here some times. And there running late tonight. Then Leroy spoke up! I think that we will be going now. Leroy said to Henry come on, and Bob said good bye to the boys. As they got up from the table Bob said to Henry; thanks for taking care of the house over the years. Keep it up. Then Henry and Leroy went back up stairs to bed. The very next morning they had told some of the workers what had happen to them the night be for. They said that they met a Ghost named Bob and that he built this house. The worker’s did not believe there story. A few nights had passed then the other worker’s started to here thing’s in the house like opening the doors and footsteps up and down the hallway. But they didn’t see anything the worker’s thought that it was Henry and Leroy making the noses. After a few weeks went by the worker’s asked Henry and Leroy? If they had been making noses at night, they said no why? The worker’s said after you and Leroy claimed that you seen a Ghost we thought that you both wore playing some jokes to get us scared. Gene Henry said no it wasn’t them. Then Henry said I thought that you worker’s didn’t believe in Ghost? The worker’s replayed! Yes we all believe in Ghost now from that day to this day people that work’s around the plantation can hear things and that they can’t explain. No one has seen the ghost or talked to the ghost but Henry and Leroy. Although they have been people that gleamed of seeing something like a Ghost but they can’t prove it. Like Henry and Leroy can sometimes the workers can lay something down some wore and go back to get it and it won’t be there they can’t explain. Sometimes they would fine some toy’s laying around and some kid’s close things like that. People have gleamed of seeing some Ghosts in the cemetery. My sister Paula she had a house built across the road from the plantation any she was home alone the other day. I went over to her house to see her she told me that she was coming out of here living room and she sown that she seen someone walking throw the house. She said that she just about freaked out. To this day you can still here noises around the plantation are they real or our machination? I fell like Bob is here to porticoes the old plantation so I’m not scared of the noises. It is fun to have a Ghost around I have never seen him thaw I know that he will not harm me or my family be calls he now’s that we are not going to let nothing happen to the plantation. Now I can say this there are some people that come here that he don’t like or something win they come to the plantation they glam that the old plantation is hunted. I think that Bob scares the ones that he fills are that they are going to harm the land that goes with the old plantation. You see I am the fifth generation, since this plantation built in the 1820s, so you see that it has been in the family for about two hundred years now. Bob is still around to day he makes noses every now and then like the other night I and my wife was in bed we heard the bedroom door like someone grabbed the door knob. We both said that it must be Bob Gene. So we went back to sleep and didn’t think nothing of it. So he is still looking out over the plantation. Making shore that nothing happens to this plantation. So is there a Ghost here or not? Some people say that there ant no Ghost and some that say that there is a Ghost here. Well Bob the Ghost most be bake my cousin Jewel jested moved in the nab Rhode and she is starting to here noses

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cambray Plantation in1967

This photo was takend in 1967,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mom & Dad

This is my Mother Bell S Lang and My Father David W Lang This was there wedding photo
Mom was sixteen and Dad was twenty five.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Close up

Cambray Plantation Remnants
of years past. Cambray
Plantation stays in the Lang
Family science 1820, Kevin
Lang lives in the same house
that his  Grate Grate
Grand Father built By William
Lang, in the year 1820, This
old house has seen a lot of
history, Kevin plans to live
here throw out his live time
and hope that one day his
son takes on the family
tr en in living here This
old Plantation means
so mush to me so
you see Nothing is
going to stop this
it's not for sale by
no Mount of money
it is built better than
these newer houses

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Window

Here is  Old window That my cousin

panted for us of a Hummy Bird This window came out of the house after I replace them
I think she did a real good job.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old Mirrior

On the back of the Mirrior it says
Was Given By Rufus S Lang of
Satilla Bluff Ga. In the year 1912,
for trading on buying 25 dollars
Worth from his General store at
Satilla Bluff Ga. By Alfred Tupper

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The popcorn three

OK this funny but here gos. When I was
about nine or ten years old We came up
to see Grandma one spring when we pulled
up to Grandmas house I seen the Dogwood trees
they were in bl um and I said look at the popcorn
 tree My mom&Dad,My to brothers David, Ronnie,
and Paula stored lighting at me they said that ant no
popcorn tree. that is a Dogwood tree. I insisted that
it was a popcorn tree when we gate out of the car I
ran over to the tree to get some popcorn but when
I gate closer to the tree all  of the popcorn turn in to
Flowers. I got so mad.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The panting of the house

My ant Hellen panted this years ago
 Grandma wonted here to pant a photo
of the house. My uncial Daniel mad the
frame from drift wood it hangs over the

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Kevin  McCall Lang
has been elected a
member of Camden
County Mounted
Rifles Camp No.747 Sons
of Confederate Veterans
upon the record of his
Confederate Ancestotor.
2nd Lt. Felder Lang
Co. D, 4th Georgia
Cavalry and is entitled
to all the rights and
privileges of the Confederation.
In witness whereaf this
certificate is given under
the hand and  seal of
the Commander-in-Chief.
duly attested by the Adjutant-
in-Chief at International
Headquarters. Columbia.
Tennessee this the 16th
day of May-2006

Monday, June 28, 2010


We went to Fort Clinch today
My  son is inlesting in the Army

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here is my chickens I have about five left
I did have two Rustie's but one I went into the
chicken yard one of the rustier thought that
he was the boss I picked up a big stick and
swung at hem it made contact with his Had
and he went flying across the chicken yard
he nave got up I gist that I  won.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

seven Foot saw

This saw was used to saw the Bord's
to build Cambray Plantation this saw
is seven foot. To cut the Bord's they
would drag a tree across a pet this
pet would jest be big  enough for
a man to go down in one man would
be in the pet the other man would be
above they would be gen to cut the
tree long ways into Bord's. So you can
imagine how long it took then the Bord's
would have to dry. Some of the Bord's
are 12" to13" wide this was way be for

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Barn

This is the old Barn that was across the road from the Plantation it's no longer here. It has falling down.
As a kid I remember playing in  the old barn and getting trouble we would get up in the loft and play in the hay and Grandma would catch us and she would find something for us to do with our time like chop wood or bring some wood in the house. next thing you know we would go right back to the barn and play age en and yes she would catch us age en. we wore jest kids we wore board we was heaving fun it was fun until we gate cote.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Robert E Lee

This is Robert E Lee
He was my Grandmas
Cousin He spent the night  at
 Cambray Plantation

His dad was barred on
Cumberland Island

Here I am by Light house grave on Cumberland Island
Robert E Lee's Dad

Monday, June 21, 2010

Isaac Lang

This is Isaac Lang I think he is holding his son Alfred Tupper Lang and Alfred's sitter Alfred was my Grandfather Isaac and Alfred Tupper is brayed in the Lang Family Cemetery here at Cambray Plantation.
Here is Isaac's Grave
This Alfred' Tupper Lang Grave Jest cleck on the Link to go to my web site in Joy       CambrayPlantation
This is Alfred Tupper  Lang Isaac's Father My Grand Father

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Isaac Langs Slate

This is my son Kevin Lang Jr.

He is holding Isaac Lang's

Slate that Isaac used in

school to do his school work

on Kevin Lang Jr, is the

Fifth Generation from

Isaac Lang, Kevin Lang Jr.

is the Seventh Generation

From William Lang Isaac's


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Neighbor

She stoped eating so I could take a photo
Thiis Doe came by for visit to day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shotgun Sing

I have this hanging by my front door

Sunday, June 13, 2010

83rd Lang Family Renuion

83rd Lang Family Renuion St.Marys Ga. We hade a good turn out.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mother of William Lang

This morning we found Catherine Wides Grave Mother of William Lang, The grave is at the Old Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson was ones the old county seat. down by the river this old Cemetery is all grown up we like to not have found it we happen to stump across it. We also found the grave of Rufus Lang. it is same that this Cemetery is all grown up that no one takes care of it. In this photo is Me Kevin Lang, and Tea Lang. on the right, the one on the left is Dave Lang and hes brother T Lang they are from Texas.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cleaning up The lang Family Cemetery

In 2007 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Clean up the Lang Family Cemetery
Cleaning off the graves

Cutting the weeds down

Some one mist one

The dirt wont come off

Don't forget My moms grave