Thursday, June 24, 2010

seven Foot saw

This saw was used to saw the Bord's
to build Cambray Plantation this saw
is seven foot. To cut the Bord's they
would drag a tree across a pet this
pet would jest be big  enough for
a man to go down in one man would
be in the pet the other man would be
above they would be gen to cut the
tree long ways into Bord's. So you can
imagine how long it took then the Bord's
would have to dry. Some of the Bord's
are 12" to13" wide this was way be for

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  1. Good Lord!~and folks think today that if there house isn't built in 6 months it's taking too long. I never understood why folks wanted their house thrown up so fast. This is incredible!!! Were you told this story growing up?!? Just wondered how it was passed down.