Sunday, June 6, 2010

The flowing well

This old flowing is 550 foot deep it has been flowing since 1919, they built a swimming pool around it at one time until my uncle Daniel put a boat mot er in it one day and clacked the pool the well is the only water supply for Cambray Plantation it is about 6" pipe in to the ground it has a old surp bolder war the water flows into there are some elafontears growing around it they get about six foot tall as a kid growing up grandma mad us kids wash off at the well be for coming the house she would bring us sop and wash rag and told us to wash off if these old well could talk it would have Meany stores to tell


  1. So neat Kevin! What is the old surp bolder war ? I'm not sure I understand and WANT TO!!!! :)
    My granny had mint growing around hers. It smelled so good... especially when she'd cut the grass and cut some of that mint. she'd go out and get some for her iced tea! We had a flowing well at our house and it flowed into a dug out area and we would put fish in there. ONe time we had a BIG bass from our pond we caught. We'd feet it frogs, crickets, grasshoppers,etc. One day somebody took that fish!!! funny how we had a fish fry that same day. I never understood as a kid who would have taken that fish!~but some mean ole person sure nuff did.

  2. Oh my this is so cool Kevin, Hi and thank you for stopping by my site, good to see you, and good to know you all are doing well, Do you remember Pastor Chuck and I from Woodbine MBC? We visited you and your family a few times, had some good visits too. I love your blog, this old free flowing well is just beyond words, I love the old time ways, and this sure exhibits it. Hugs my friend, and give your little one and wife our love too.
    Barbara From