Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Barn

This is the old Barn that was across the road from the Plantation it's no longer here. It has falling down.
As a kid I remember playing in  the old barn and getting trouble we would get up in the loft and play in the hay and Grandma would catch us and she would find something for us to do with our time like chop wood or bring some wood in the house. next thing you know we would go right back to the barn and play age en and yes she would catch us age en. we wore jest kids we wore board we was heaving fun it was fun until we gate cote.


  1. What a great old barn! Would be so nice to have this painted by someone.
    We use to play in hay barns at our grandparents and my great uncle's. We'd make tunnels and go under SO MANY bales. Of course, in hindsight we must have had angels watching over us... so dangerous! Goodness we'd be itchy when we got through. I still remember that hay smell!~smelled so good.

  2. I remember too. Didn't Aunt Helen paint this picture too?