Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here is my chickens I have about five left
I did have two Rustie's but one I went into the
chicken yard one of the rustier thought that
he was the boss I picked up a big stick and
swung at hem it made contact with his Had
and he went flying across the chicken yard
he nave got up I gist that I  won.


  1. I had a peacock that I raised from a baby that "died of meaness", just like this... but a little more powerful than a stick. lol
    That sucker kept coming up behind me jumping on me w/his spurs... I dont' think so!

  2. You have a great chicken yard though!!! :)

  3. was telling Grover about this and he reminded me that we also had a guinea hen years ago that had this same "meaness disease"...