Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mom & Dad

This is my Mother Bell S Lang and My Father David W Lang This was there wedding photo
Mom was sixteen and Dad was twenty five.


  1. What a wonderful photo! I can see you in both of them! Tall like your daddy, but you have your mama's smile and swwwweeeet personality that shines through. :)
    Thanks for sharing Kevin! XO

  2. What a handsome couple!
    Thanks for visiting my sign blog. Sorry it has taken me so long to get to your blog.

  3. I have this picture hanging up at my house. I remember that Grandma used to have it hanging over her bed at what is now your house. When she died and I got to the house I looked in her room and the picture was gone. I was so upset, not only was grandma gone but so was my favorite picture. Before the funeral daddy took me out to him rv camper that was parked beside the house and gave me the picture. He had took it down and hid it because he didnt want anyone else to take it.