Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Close up

Cambray Plantation Remnants
of years past. Cambray
Plantation stays in the Lang
Family science 1820, Kevin
Lang lives in the same house
that his  Grate Grate
Grand Father built By William
Lang, in the year 1820, This
old house has seen a lot of
history, Kevin plans to live
here throw out his live time
and hope that one day his
son takes on the family
tr en in living here This
old Plantation means
so mush to me so
you see Nothing is
going to stop this
it's not for sale by
no Mount of money
it is built better than
these newer houses


  1. When was this article written Kevin?
    You tell em!!! You got that right!!! If anybody ever steps foot on your place, that ghost will sure enough get em... I'd be sure fire afraid if I ever tried to buy that place off anybody. Shoot!!! No way!~I'd never spend one night there without the blessing of them ghosts!!!!! Love ya Kev! :) So glad you are writing it all down... Proud of you. XO

  2. Wow!!! How cool is that! So what island do you live on? My husband's partner is from over that way. His name is John Baker...maybe you know him. He talks ALL THE TIME!!! LOL!!

  3. I must have misunderstood...thinking you lived on an island. Plantation...that is cool too!