Monday, July 5, 2010

The Window

Here is  Old window That my cousin

panted for us of a Hummy Bird This window came out of the house after I replace them
I think she did a real good job.


  1. Oh wow!~She did a FANTASTIC job! WONDERFUL! :)

  2. That's really pretty. You have some very nice treasures on here.

    I like the picture of the old cypress tree on your other blog. My town used to have the oldest turkey oak but something happened. I don't know if it was damaged by a storm or if they just found a bigger one. I haven't lived here long enough to find out.

  3. I am a history lover who lives in Myrtle Beach, and I'm enjoying your website so much. Thank you for this treat!

  4. She made me one too. But mine dosent have a humming bird on it. She is soooo talented and it's neat that she used the old windows.