Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ghost of Cambray

This is a story about a Ghost named Bob that haunts the grounds of Chambray Plantation, and it all began in the 1920s. Everyone got ready for bed, and after they were all asleep for an hour, Henry the care taker was awaken by the sound of a tree branch banging against the roof for the wind was starting to pick up. There was a storm coming, so he got up and opened the bedroom door, then he started down the hall to see if he could see anything, as he went down the hallway the banging was getting louder and louder. As he reached the head of the stairs he could hear some people talking. It sounded like they were in the kitchen down stairs so he eased back down the hallway. He began check the other bedroom’s to see if it was the other people that lived there, room by room but everyone was asleep. So he eased back down the hallway. He got to the head of the stairs he eased slowly until he got to the bottom. As he crepe near the kitchen he stepped on a squeaky part of the floor he reached for a match for his lantern as he struck the match. A cold wind blew out the match as he reached for another match he heard a force say” hello“. He said who goes there? So Henry got scared he went back up stairs to bed. The very next morning he told his brother Leroy what had happened that night. His brother Leroy did not be living him Leroy said that Henry was sleep walking again. Henry said no it really happened I was awake the whole time. Henry’s brother said OK. Tonight I’ll stay up with you to see if anything happens. So that night Henry and Leroy snuck out of their bedroom’s they met in the hallway by the stairs. As it got later both of them eased down the stairs trying not to make any noise as they went down the stairs. They got to the bottom and went towards the kitchen. They both were getting sleepy Leroy sad to Henry that nothing was going to happen. About that time they both heard a noise, and then out of nowhere a verger appeared it was sitting in the chair at the end of the table Leroy and Henry both said to one another do you see that? They both said yes they do. About then the verger stood up and said hello” my name is Bob! Henry and Leroy said hello” then they said who are you and what are you doing here? The Ghost replied well I once lived here in the 1800s, I built this house, I Often stop by to see the old house. Then Bob the Ghost asked them what was their names were? One of the boys said I am Henry and my brother Leroy, the Ghost told them to sit down. They said OK the Ghost said you boys can just call me Bob, then Bob said to the boys can I get you anything? Henry and Leroy said no thank you. Bob said that he was waiting for his family. To get here we all gathered here some times. And there running late tonight. Then Leroy spoke up! I think that we will be going now. Leroy said to Henry come on, and Bob said good bye to the boys. As they got up from the table Bob said to Henry; thanks for taking care of the house over the years. Keep it up. Then Henry and Leroy went back up stairs to bed. The very next morning they had told some of the workers what had happen to them the night be for. They said that they met a Ghost named Bob and that he built this house. The worker’s did not believe there story. A few nights had passed then the other worker’s started to here thing’s in the house like opening the doors and footsteps up and down the hallway. But they didn’t see anything the worker’s thought that it was Henry and Leroy making the noses. After a few weeks went by the worker’s asked Henry and Leroy? If they had been making noses at night, they said no why? The worker’s said after you and Leroy claimed that you seen a Ghost we thought that you both wore playing some jokes to get us scared. Gene Henry said no it wasn’t them. Then Henry said I thought that you worker’s didn’t believe in Ghost? The worker’s replayed! Yes we all believe in Ghost now from that day to this day people that work’s around the plantation can hear things and that they can’t explain. No one has seen the ghost or talked to the ghost but Henry and Leroy. Although they have been people that gleamed of seeing something like a Ghost but they can’t prove it. Like Henry and Leroy can sometimes the workers can lay something down some wore and go back to get it and it won’t be there they can’t explain. Sometimes they would fine some toy’s laying around and some kid’s close things like that. People have gleamed of seeing some Ghosts in the cemetery. My sister Paula she had a house built across the road from the plantation any she was home alone the other day. I went over to her house to see her she told me that she was coming out of here living room and she sown that she seen someone walking throw the house. She said that she just about freaked out. To this day you can still here noises around the plantation are they real or our machination? I fell like Bob is here to porticoes the old plantation so I’m not scared of the noises. It is fun to have a Ghost around I have never seen him thaw I know that he will not harm me or my family be calls he now’s that we are not going to let nothing happen to the plantation. Now I can say this there are some people that come here that he don’t like or something win they come to the plantation they glam that the old plantation is hunted. I think that Bob scares the ones that he fills are that they are going to harm the land that goes with the old plantation. You see I am the fifth generation, since this plantation built in the 1820s, so you see that it has been in the family for about two hundred years now. Bob is still around to day he makes noses every now and then like the other night I and my wife was in bed we heard the bedroom door like someone grabbed the door knob. We both said that it must be Bob Gene. So we went back to sleep and didn’t think nothing of it. So he is still looking out over the plantation. Making shore that nothing happens to this plantation. So is there a Ghost here or not? Some people say that there ant no Ghost and some that say that there is a Ghost here. Well Bob the Ghost most be bake my cousin Jewel jested moved in the nab Rhode and she is starting to here noses


  1. You did a wonderful job telling your story Kevin! I believe...

    Keep on telling us more!!!!

  2. You know that Echols and Maria swear they heard people talking in the middle of the night.